Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

sliBase - v0.2 (with OSC plugin)

In this version I added the OSC (OpenSoundControl) functions to read data from OSC port/address. It requires WinXP and Maya 8.5.
What is possible to do with this plugin?
Take a look at the following video.

Do you want to try this? Ok, firt of all, you need:

  • a wiimote controller (without the console, just the controller)
  • a tool to read data from wiimote and send it in local (or network) usign OSC protocol (I've used GlovePIE for WindowsXP)

How to use it:
  • connect your wiimote to windows by your bluetooth manager application
  • open GlovePIE and use this script:
if (wiimote1.Up = true) var.z = var.z + 1; if (wiimote1.Down = true) var.z = var.z - 1; var.x = var.x + wiimote1.RawAccX; var.y = var.y + wiimote1.RawAccZ; sendOsc("localhost",57110,"/slibase",wiimote1.RawAccX + " " + wiimote1.RawAccZ + " " + var.z + " " + var.x + " " + var.y)

  • click on RUN in GlovePIE
now your wiimote is connected to your pc and it's sending data to your localhost using OSC protocol
  • download sliBase_v0.2
  • extract it on your Desktop (or wherever you want)
  • open Maya 8.5
  • go to Plugin Manager and browse to find sliBase.mll plugin into sliBase_v0.2 folder on your Desktop
  • open the example scene maya_navigation02.mb in the sliBase_v0.2 folder
  • drag&drop the sliBase_getOSC_window.mel into maya
  • click START into the "sliBase - get data from OSC" window and you can see the string data from wiimote
  • put a "space" character in the "separator" textfield and click outside this textfield to update and you can see the data splitted into all tokens
  • now use the following setting:
  • then click on all the CONNECT BUTTONs with the "attribute name" value not null
  • now, move your wiimote to move the "camera1" object into the maya scene in realtime

this is only one example, you can try it usign an audio device or a webcam or something else which communicates with your pc throughthe OSC protocol.

Contact me if you have problem: paoloemilioselva AT