Monday, December 3, 2007

sliBase - v0.1

Commands list:

This command loads an audio file of various format (MP3,xm,mod,wav,ecc) listed in the BASS Library input file format specification and allows to modify any attributes of any objects in the Maya scenes, only in "preview" mode.
The preview uses the IDLE maya status to computing, so if you try to rotate the scene, the preview stops and then restart after you release the mouse or stop the rotation (or zoom, or any other actions in Maya scene).
The archive contains:

  • sliBase.mll v0.1
  • sliBase_loadBASS.mel
    • this is the MEL script to manage sliCmd_loadBASS command
  • GstNGob.xm
    • an audio sample created by me with FastTracker v2.0 for DOS. An old remix of a Commodore-64 game named Ghost'n'Goblins
  • BASS.dll
    • This is the BASS Library I used to create this plugin. Copyright (c) 1999-2007 Ian Luck. All rights reserved. Check the site for more information.
Download here (requires WindowsXP, Maya8.5)
How to use it:
  • Load the plugin from Plugin-manager
  • Drag and drop the MEL script into Maya to load it
  • Create a scene you want
  • Put data into sliBase_loadBASS interface using:
    • Load-button to load the audio file
    • Root's name to insert the base name of the objects to animate (for example, pCube if you have objects in scene named pCube1, pCube2, pCube3, and so on)
    • Max objects to define the maximum number of animated object (for example, if you have 20 objects named pCube1 to pCube20, put 20 in this textfield)
    • Attribute to define the attributo to animate during the preview (for example the scaleY attribute of the selected objects)
    • Scale to define the scale factor
  • Click on PREVIEW button to see the plugin in action
  • In this version you can't save the animation.

See the following video for a videotutorial

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