Sunday, February 10, 2008

sliBase - v0.2 (with OSC plugin)

In this version I added the OSC (OpenSoundControl) functions to read data from OSC port/address. It requires WinXP and Maya 8.5.
What is possible to do with this plugin?
Take a look at the following video.

Do you want to try this? Ok, firt of all, you need:

  • a wiimote controller (without the console, just the controller)
  • a tool to read data from wiimote and send it in local (or network) usign OSC protocol (I've used GlovePIE for WindowsXP)

How to use it:
  • connect your wiimote to windows by your bluetooth manager application
  • open GlovePIE and use this script:
if (wiimote1.Up = true) var.z = var.z + 1; if (wiimote1.Down = true) var.z = var.z - 1; var.x = var.x + wiimote1.RawAccX; var.y = var.y + wiimote1.RawAccZ; sendOsc("localhost",57110,"/slibase",wiimote1.RawAccX + " " + wiimote1.RawAccZ + " " + var.z + " " + var.x + " " + var.y)

  • click on RUN in GlovePIE
now your wiimote is connected to your pc and it's sending data to your localhost using OSC protocol
  • download sliBase_v0.2
  • extract it on your Desktop (or wherever you want)
  • open Maya 8.5
  • go to Plugin Manager and browse to find sliBase.mll plugin into sliBase_v0.2 folder on your Desktop
  • open the example scene maya_navigation02.mb in the sliBase_v0.2 folder
  • drag&drop the sliBase_getOSC_window.mel into maya
  • click START into the "sliBase - get data from OSC" window and you can see the string data from wiimote
  • put a "space" character in the "separator" textfield and click outside this textfield to update and you can see the data splitted into all tokens
  • now use the following setting:
  • then click on all the CONNECT BUTTONs with the "attribute name" value not null
  • now, move your wiimote to move the "camera1" object into the maya scene in realtime

this is only one example, you can try it usign an audio device or a webcam or something else which communicates with your pc throughthe OSC protocol.

Contact me if you have problem: paoloemilioselva AT


Anonymous said...

Grandioso ;) perĂ² pensavo che alla fine ti schiantavi :P

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great plugin
i will try it....i was trying to control maya camera using wii remote and candles and i got very small range of movement like 5 cm
and it was noisy,, tell me please do i need candles or sensor for the Wii remote while using your plugin with OSC!!?

THANK YOU ,, waiting for more great plugins and Tutorials

Anonymous said...

Ma quanto sei matto????

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance to see upgrade sliBase which works with maya 2008? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks this is really neat.
Any chance you could compile it for maya 2008? also is it possible to use it as a maya mocap server? Have you thought about writing a mocap server OSC client? I for one would love to have one. Wish I had some of your skills with c++ :) Keep up the great work! Thanks, Rumi Humphrey

Boyblue said...

My name is campbell, I live in cape town, south africa. I'm also developing realtime animation input tools using wiimotes and other equipment, I shall like to correspond with you on this.
email me please- ccrae at distell dot co dot za. i look forward to your email.

Unknown said...

the plugin seems to be really nice, but couldn't get it work with later versions... (using 2009 / 2010 x64).
Is there any chance you release the sources so people can update it for new versions and x64 ?