Tuesday, October 30, 2007

sliBase - Maya OSC Plugin with GlovePIE

this video shows how to use GlovePIE in my sliBase Maya OSC plugin.
In this example I used a mouse as input-device, but you can use anything else just like Wiimote or joystick or datagloves (look at the inputdevice in GlovePIE ;) ).
enjoy ^_^

Youtube version
quicktime lowres version (4mb)
avi highres version (40mb) (I did it with Snagit, maybe you need a codec...mmm)

if you can't see the code in the video, just look here :)
sendOsc ("localhost",57110,"/slibase","x "+Mouse.x+" y "+Mouse.y)

Soon in downloads section! stay tuned ^_^

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