Tuesday, October 30, 2007

sliBase - Maya OSC Plugin

Finally, I did it! ^_^
this is the GUI

and this is a video to show how it work.
In the video you can see how I change the OSC channel (slibase in maya-plugin) and how I can use my MCV with this plugin.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing and well done, I would be interested in implementing this plugin and touchlib, for multi touch displays to port with Maya.
Would you supply a wok in progress plugin and source of your OSC plugin??My email is sugarbank@hotmail.com

Andy Maier said...

This is amazing. GREAT WORK. Is it possible to flip this app?

I want to stream data out of maya for the purpose of building a motion control rig... For real.

Any pointers on flipping your apps functionality? I'm going to take a run at it myself, but any pointers would be great!